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start limo girl cut
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UNI start tulips stone 200/STA
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MoniLu UNI START Eclipse Stars
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start limo boy cut
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Adjustable growing ergonomic carrier MoniLu UNI START is suitable for newborns (50 cm, 3,5kg) till ~ 1 year (75 cm, max 15 kg). The carrier can be adjusted to the baby’s age thanks to easy-set-up of width and height of the backrest. Unique way of the side straps switching under the baby’s bum eliminates the pressure on the spine in first months of life. For most models, you can choose between Standard and TAI on the product detail page. Due to the width of the shoulder straps, the TAI variant is supplied without the drool-pads.

The carrier can be used in front carry, back carry and even in hip carry positions. More information.

If your baby grows up from the MoniLu UNI START carrier and you decide to carry on with baby wearing, we prepared a 15% discount for you on continuative MoniLu UNI carrier from our Standard Line (this discount cannot be combined with other discounts).

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