MoniLu TAI

MoniLu introduces a novelty - for mothers who can't decide between a scarf wrap and a baby carrier - MoniLu TAI. Tai baby carrier a combination of a baby sling and a comfort baby carrier.

In this carrier model, the shoulder straps of the growing UNI or UNI Start baby carrier are replaced by wide, slightly padded and sufficiently long wrap straps, which allow both full variability to distribute the baby's weight and achieve an ideal comfortable fit for both the wearer and the parent. Significantly more used fabric gives the carrier an interesting aesthetic effect. Otherwise, the carrier is identical to UNI or UNI Start, so all the advantages, ease of setup and versatility of the growing carrier remain. The wrap-like baby carrier brings flexibility and easy handling for different types of caregivers. You don’t need to adjust shoulder strands as they adapt easily to any wearer when tying. The baby can be carried at any time by any member of the family without adjusting. 

The TAI baby carrier can be ordered in both UNI and UNI START versions in selected fabric designs. If the TAI model is offered, it is possible to choose the version (Standard or Tai) in the e-shop (on the product detail page). MoniLu TAI carriers are made to order, if the carrier is not in stock, the delivery time is 3-5 working days.

We believe that the next model in our offer will quickly find its fans and expand the range of our satisfied customers.

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