Baby Carrier MoniLu UNI

MoniLu UNI baby carriers’ collection offers a wide range of patterns of our best seller model. Everything for your comfortable baby wearing just like you are used to with MoniLu - top quality materials, ergonomic design, precise handwork and durability.

Adjustable growing ergonomic baby carrier MoniLu UNI is suitable for babies from 2 months (55 cm, 5 kg) up to 3 years (95 cm, max 20kg). The carrier can be adjusted to the baby’s age thanks to easy-set-up of the width and height of the backrest. For most models, you can choose between Standard and TAI on the product detail page. Due to the width of the shoulder straps, the TAI variant is supplied without the drool-pads. The carrier can be used in front carry, back carry and even in hip carry positions.

Try MoniLu baby carrier and discover what a truly comfortable baby wearing is! Comfort Pure by MoniLu!


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