Our Customers

What is the carrying in MoniLu carrier really like? What do our customers say, what do they appreciate most and on what occasions do they use it mostly? Get inspired.

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Jana: our complete MoniLu history:  First we bought MoniLu Maxi, when our first son was 1, 5 years old. Soon we ordered Onbuhimo, when we found out, that soon there will be more of us. Right after the birth of our second son, we ordered (a hot innovation then) UNI. And lately we ordered MAXI PLUS for the older son, because he kept taking the UNI from the little one. With all the carriers we are absolutely satisfied and its made the way we wanted and in given term. Two years of baby wearing with MoniLu behind us and at least two in front of us. Thank you!



Veronika: Till now 2 years of trips. Any obstacle did not stop us thanks to your carrier. Watchtower, castle tour, caves or cable car ride... Anything was "a piece of cake". First in MINI size, then in MEZI size... And what I appreciate the most? The slim version was absolutely ideal even for my figure 153cm and 50kg and was comfortable for my much taller husband at the same time.



VeroNika: Monilu literally saved me many times, lately now in autumn. I had to stand in on our castle unexpectedly and we managed it with my 3 years old son mainly thanks to MoniLu. I was able to devote to a group of visitors and my son was happily sleeping in the carrier at the same time.



Sandra: Monilu Uni.. I was deciding for a long time which carrier to choose and MoniLu was the best choice. Son 1 year old and 10,5kg is in it maximally satisfied and me either. Despite of my problems with backache – while babywearing I am not in pain.



Eva: We started with MoniLu mini, continued with mezi and ended with uni. For me it is the TOP among carriers.



Dominika: I cannot imagine days without the MoniLu carrier, it is a great helper on trips, but also at home while cleaning or cooking… or just when You want to have “Your happiness” the closest to the heart.



Lucie: I tested perhaps all carriers in the world. OK, not all, but at least 5… The MoniLu hip belt is the most comfortable – firm enough, but not rough, so it does not pinch. With UNI I appreciate the simplicity of setting – no tedious laces setting etc. - we regularly switch the carrier with my partner and setting it is a matter of minutes. And last but not least is the feathery (thanks to that it is made from a wrap) and has super buckling of the hood. I am a huge fan.



Klára: We have UNI sewn for older daughter, carried till her 3 years and now the 2 month old little sister goes on, it is great for big or little ones… we shifted many, but only MoniLu stayed with us and is convenient.



Barbora: Thank You for our MoniLu Uni! It is the biggest helper with big hikes or cool trips. Comfortable, pleasant and beautiful.



Hana: MoniLu in a huge everyday helper. At home, outside, at the doctor, on a trip - always with us.



Kristina: Me and my son, older photo, but You can see the satisfaction of both of us. Huge helper for the moments when I needed free hands or just for walks with our dog.



Míša Z.: Our super helper. Comfortable, sophisticated, TOP in one word :-) Thank You.



Míša S.:  Amazing, soft and comfy carrier. I am satisfied and my son visibly either.



Sandra B.: Our first MoniLu was Maxi for our first daughter and it was a love at first touch. When we got to know that we are expecting second baby, I knew that if we were going to buy a carrier, I am going to choose MoniLu. And we did – UNI this time.



Veronika: I tested couple of different carriers and MoniLu was the most comfortable even for long hikes. And we highly appreciate simple setting, when daddy wants/needs to carry. Which happen couple of times within one long hike.



Lucie: Uni version. A feathery carrier. I appreciate wide shoulder straps and the adjustability for my and baby’s needs.



Zuzana S.: Feathery, ductile, pleasant.. everything that we expect from a carrier!



Markéta M.: It is the best helper not only on trips.. my daughter slept just in the carrier at home or outside for the first 1,5 year. The biggest helper in illness. I love MoniLu and I recommend it everywhere.


Vladi V.: I have to commend MoniLu for a very comfortable hip belt, which I did not mind even in pregnancy.. I am in 7 month on the photo.



Lenka P.: I love comfort. I carry my 2 years old daughter under or over a jacket moreover with a backpack without problems and even though easily.



Lucie R.: MoniLu uni, always, everywhere, in any weather, on happenings, trips, at home while cooking, with fever, at tooth growth…simply the best carrier ever.



Kristina T.: With MoniLu we like its convenience and simple adjustability the most. We carry in UNI already second baby and we are not going to change it!



Michaela S.: We have uni start and it is fabulous, the little one sleeps beautifully in it, so even a train transport for a trip absolutely lacks problems. I recommend to everybody.



Alča K.: MoniLu Mini helped us with travelling, drowsing and disburdening at tooth growth for more than a year.. The best and the most comfortable carrier!


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