Care of the carrier

The carrier itself can be washed in the washing-machine – 30 degrees, we recommend washing in hand. Do not bleach the carrier, do not tumble-dry. During the care of the carrier, you have to follow the specifics of the wrap itself, the kind of the washing powder/liquid and so one. Do not iron the carrier. You can iron the backrest, just in case of wrinkling. 

The wrap could incline to pulling flosses and its’ tearing, just like the baby wearing wrap. Please be aware of jewelry, zippers etc. Guarantee does not include these damages.

First carrying

The carrier could seem a bit firm from the beginning, especially the waist belt and the shoulder strap, but this is absolutely normal. Through the baby wearing everything will become soft – the wrap, used materials (foams etc.) and the carrier will adapt to you wonderfully. The importance is in appropriate setting of all straps – try, pull, loosen them until you find the best setting for you and your kid. 


As soon as you receive your carrier – check it properly. If you have any notes or complaints – do not hesitate to contact us. The carrier is covered by a 2 year guarantee according to the law.

Packing of the carrier

Did you get your carrier and first testing is done? Now you are thinking about a really nice packing of the carrier? The manual is below.

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