Front wearing, back wearing and more.

UNI - front wearing. How to place the baby correctly in the MoniLu UNI baby carrier, where to place the lumbar belt, how to put it on, how to tighten it properly, how to use the hood.


UNI START - front wearing. How to properly place the baby in the baby carrier MoniLu UNI Start, suitable from birth. Where to place the lumbar belt, how to fit, tightening the straps correctly, tightening behind the neck.


Worn on the back. One way to place a baby carrier with a baby to the back - move from the tummy. The child should be sufficiently strengthened (crawling, sitting) to be carried on the back.


The baby is too down. The waist belt is too high, the baby is too undercut; only the shoulders carry the baby's weight.

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