We will be happy to produce a custom-made carrier for you from our wraps according to your needs.

On selected models of UNI and UNI START baby carriers the TAI variant (binding - see MoniLu TAI) can be ordered directly in the e-shop on the detailed page of the selected product (you can choose between Standard and TAI). The delivery time (if the baby carrier is not in stock) is 3-5 working days (displayed directly when selected on the detailed page of the selected product). Due to the width of the shoulder straps, the TAI variant is supplied without the drool-pads.

In our custom production you can order one-size carriers in several sizes - MINI, MEZI, MAXI and MAXI PLUS, so as to correspond to the size and needs of your baby. If you decide for a one-size baby carrier, create an order for the UNI model of the selected pattern in the e-shop and write in the note: one-size + selected size. The price of a one-size baby carrier is 8,- EUR lower than the standard price of the selected UNI model (no discounts on stock products can be applied to the one-size carrier order). After the order is processed, you will be sent an invoice for a reduced amount with details to be paid in return (when ordering, choose transfer payment, not online - paypal). Ordering production of the baby carrier is made by agreement, delivery time is about 1 week.

The smallest size MINI is suitable from 4 months till approximately 18 months. If you keep baby wearing after that you can buy bigger size then. We also offer a carrier without a waist belt for walking children - onbuhimo.

Suitability of one-size carriers:

  • MINI size – from 4 months and 6kg till c. 18 months/c. 83 cm
  • MEZI size – from 10 months and 75cm till c. 2-2,5 years/c. 88cm
  • MAXI size – from 18 months and 85cm till 3 years – max 20kg
  • MAXI PLUS size – for really tall children from c. 95 cm, for the age of 3-4 years, max 20kg
  • ONBUHIMO – from 1 year till c. 2,5 years, adjustable width between legs

The size selection depends on the age of your baby at the time of the purchase. Two sizes of carriers will usually be enough for the whole baby wearing period. It depends on how long you will be carrying your baby. Each size overlaps the others. For example: baby is 6 months old – you will use just the size MINI. And only if it wants to be carried in the future, later you will need the size MAXI. For 1 year old baby choose the size MEZI and for 2 years old the size MAXI. In case you are choosing a carrier for a baby younger than 4 months, it is likely to choose adjustable (growing) carrier UNI or UNI START.

Proportions of single sizes (width between legs x height of the backrest in cm):

  • MINI size: 35 x 39 cm
  • MEZI size: 39 x 42 cm
  • MAXI size: 43 x 46 cm
  • MAXI PLUS size: 47 x 50 cm

Listed sizes may vary from piece to piece in c. 1cm due to the features of each wrap fabric and related hand production.

Slim version – for very thin women/men we modify the carrier so as you will be able to pull the straps tighter. Slim version is suitable for figures which has in waist/under breasts less than 70 cm. It is also eligible for smaller/subtle parents who embrace shorter shoulder straps (height usually less than 165 cm). In case of slim version the padding of the hip belt and the shoulder straps is shortened. Shortening of the padding does not change the length of the strap so as the carrier can be used by any other person.

Longer hip belt – maximum length of the hip belt is 135 cm. If you need it longer please let us know in the order.

Others – we will try to fulfill other notes or demands. Please let us know in the order or consult with us in advance.

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