MoniLu Sweet Dreams - NOVELTY!

MoniLu Sweet Dreams

Magical Dreamcatcher. Spiderweb in a circle that captures all dreams and negative energy flying around a sleeping child. Eagle feathers, after which only beatiful, good and peaceful dreams will slide into baby's sleep... ❤️

There are several legends attached to the dream catcher, one of them tells about a young Indian mother whose child could not sleep at night and still cried. On the advice of the shaman, she created a talisman, a dream catcher, which she hung above the child's bed, so she helped the baby to sleep peacefully...

We are very happy to introduce our new author's pattern, MoniLu Sweet Dreams. Beautiful, elegant, soothing. With all the symbols of positive energy in a beauteous harmony. It will definitely guarantee your children the most beautiful dreams while sleeping in the babycarrier. And you can look forward to one more fashion surprise for you! And fashion accessory - a stylish headband - is available here.

Carriers of all sizes are available here - UNI and UNI START (both Standard and TAI variants). We wish you happy babywearing!

Your MoniLu team

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