Dancing with MoniLu No1, No2, No3 and No4

We have prepared for you a fun dance with children in babycarrier or wrap in cooperation with Bára Ladrová!

The fourth final video for our dance challenge is here! This time with the star babycarrier MoniLu UNI Perseids Alpenglow. Check out the amazing Bara and little Michael Jackson at the end of the clip! Let's dance with us for prizes - see our Facebook!


And the third amazing video for you is here! Navy style with a MoniLu UNI Leaves Blue babycarrier! Get inspired and send us your video (see Facebook).

And here is already the second video with MoniLu Peacock Cream carrier! Let's dance with us for prizes straight away - see our Facebook!


Here is the first video with our MoniLu UNI Lemonade Tropic babycarrier!

Join us - a joyful movement will lift your spirits for both of you! And take part in our dance call for prizes straight away - see our Facebook.

Thank you Bára and little Amálka, you are great!

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