Did you know that...

… MoniLu carriers have European certification?

… MoniLu products are available since 2016?

… MoniLu products are hand made using top quality materials and highest quality standards?

… MoniLu products have long-term customer satisfaction rate of 99,8%?

… MoniLu growing baby carriers are available in unique variability – START and UNI (as well in TAI variant) and UNI PLUS?

… one-size carrier’s models or other specific customization of your choice (slim version) are available for you?

… long-term complaints rate about MoniLu products is lower than 0,1%?

… stock items are shipped the same day if ordered till 15.00 CET?

… Monilu products are shipped to most European countries?

Try our products and experience Comfort Pure! We sew with love; your satisfaction is our biggest reward. 

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