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Fully adjustable, growing babycarrier for big, already walking children in an exclusive Australian design edition. MoniLu UNI PLUS is an ergonomic babycarrier which is suitable for children from 1,5 year up to about 4,5 years. It will be your companion on every trip. With an easy setting, you can adapt the carrier to each child and the figure of carrying person. The new innovative waist belt and new, ergonomically shaped shoulder straps ensure maximum comfort even when carrying big and heavy children. The carrier has an European certification and a tested load capacity of up to 30 kgs. The triple security system on waist belt, the possibility of shoulder straps crossing, the free drool pads and the transport bag are a matter of course at UNI PLUS as well.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The fully adjustable babycarrier MoniLu UNI PLUS is suitable for children from 1.5-2 years (75-80 cm) to 4-4.5 years (110 cm, 30 kg).

  • a new, very comfortable waist belt with ingenious stitching for perfect weight distribution of big and heavy children
  • waist belt tightening range: 60-140 cm
  • new, comfortable, ergonomically shaped shoulder straps with possibility of crossing
  • adjustable shoulder pads length: 35-58 cm, with sufficiently long straps for further extension
  • fully adjustable width and height of the backrest
  • backrest range: width 33-55 cm, height 42-54 cm
  • customizable chest / back strap
  • magnetic back buckle
  • hood for head support in case of sleep – can be scrolled
  • triple security system on the waist belt
  • front and back carry
  • handmade, high-weight and high-quality cotton wrap fabric specially woven for babywearing purposes is used
  • elasticity of the material ensures perfect enlacement and adapting to the body of the baby, baby’s weight is perfectly distributed
  • carrier can be folded to a neat packet for storing/transport

Entire used material fulfils all the requirements for medical harmlessness, safety and capacity up to 30 kgs.

The carrier is certified according to EN 13209-2:2015.

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